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Revolutionize your dance practices with DanceTribe

Complete dance practice features including recording, all in 1 app.

Quickly access your favorite part of a track

01Tempo Adjustment

Easily change the playback speed of the track.
You can slow down the music to match your dance speed – especially handy when learning new routines.
Tempo Adjustment


You can mark up to 4 favorite points in a track.
Practice dancing anytime from your marked positions.

03Auto Loop/Manual Loop

You can loop a specific section of the track.
Repeatedly practice the same part of your routine until you’ve nailed it.
Auto Loop/Manual Loop

Dance to millions of tracks from Apple Music


Apple Music Integration

Thanks to compatibility with Apple Music, you can choose from a vast catalog of songs.

Easily edit tracks with the Dance Editor feature

Intuitive track editing for showcases and video recording

Using features such as song structure and volume adjustment, as well as editing capabilities to mix multiple tracks, you can craft your perfect dance music. You can even play the edited song directly from the player screen without exporting it. And if you want to make more edits, you can instantly return to the music editing screen to make changes. With just one button, you can seamlessly switch between the player and editing screens so you can efficiently create and practice dance routines.

Easily create high-quality dance practice videos


Instant Rec Feature

During Recording:
  • Simultaneously play music and record your dance using a single iPhone.
  • Record your dance while adjusting the tempo of the song or looping specific sections of the music.
  • Start your recording with a countdown timed to the song’s tempo for a smooth start.
After Recording:
  • No additional editing is needed as the song is automatically added as background music to the video file.
  • Choose between 2 video file versions for saving: one with the adjusted tempo and another at the song’s original speed.”player and editing screens so you can efficiently create and practice dance routines.

Focus on your dance with Apple Watch integration


Integration with the DanceTribe Remote app

By connecting with the DanceTribe Remote app on your Apple Watch, you can control your iPhone from a distance. Functions such as setting markers, creating loops, and recording are available, making dance practicing and filming even easier.