The spread of COVID-19 has been making a major impact around the world. We would first like to express our deepest condolences to all of those affected. We would also like to express our gratitude and respect to those in the medical field and those supporting social functions and economic activities.

In January 2020, we have changed our company name to AlphaTheta Corporation as well as our our mission to “One Through Music” which we have valued ever since the foundation of our business. Our employees will keep running our day-to-day operations with this mission always in mind.

In addition, we became a member of the Noritsu Koki Group in April 2020. Our Group Vision of “A Business Group that Continues to Create No.1/ Only1” is precisely what we are aiming for. As a member of the group, we will continue to strive for excellence through our business.

We will continue to create innovative products and services, strive to develop our music culture.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Yoshinori Kataoka
President and CEO

Our Business

DJ Equipment/Application
Since we launched the world's first CD player, the CDJ-500 for flat-top DJ in 1994, we strive to continually deliver against our motto of providing "surprise and excitement" to customers, and for over a quarter century have been highly regarded by our partners, including DJs, clubs and event organizers around the world. The evolution of DJ applications in recent years has brought an increase in the population, not only of professional DJs, but also of those who enjoy DJing as a hobby. We aim to provide a lineup that will satisfy this wide range of customers. We will continue to innovate, aiming for a world in which self-expression can be created under any circumstance.
Music production equipment
Based on the brand concept of "Inspiration Tools, where new sounds are generated one after another", in 2016 we released the "SP-16" stand-alone sampler, the monophonic analog synthesizer "AS-1", the multi-truck sequencer "SQUID" as well as the “TORAIZ” series with an intuitive workflow and high performance, which is widely used not only for music production in studios, but also for live performances. In addition, we will strive to create new values that are unique to AlphaTheta and resonate with the sensibilities of artists.
Audio equipment
We launched the HDJ-1000, our first model of DJ headphones in 2002; the Monitor Speaker SDJ Series in 2011 provides a lineup that draws out creativity and performance, and the XY-Series of professional PA/SR speakers, which we introduced to Fabric, our top London club, in 2013. Through these products, we have been contributing to evolving entertainment spaces. We will continue our efforts to offer new value that meets customer need through high-quality sound and technology.
Related services
In 2014, we launched KUVO, a new club culture entertainment service for clubs, DJs and clubbers. When launching, we aimed to create a world where everyone can participate in KUVO anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, encountering the fun of dance music and DJ play while being able to communicate with each other casually. As an initiative to expand the DJ Culture to as many people as possible, we run the DJ school “Yokohama DJ Lab” in Yokohama, Japan for customers to continuously enjoy DJing.


Company Info

Company name

AlphaTheta Corporation
* We’ve changed our company name to AlphaTheta Corporation. For more information on the change follow this link.


6F, Yokohama i-Mark Place, 4-4-5 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0012 Japan
Phone +81-45-522-5400


One Through Music


To enhance the creative potential of music and enable a world filled with joy


MASAKAZU SUZUKI Executive Director in board
DAI NAKAMURA Corporate Auditor

Number of employees

434 (as of December, 2020)


Design, Production, Sales and related services for the DJ, Professional Audio and Music Production markets


100,000,000 Yen (as of December, 2019)

Shareholders’ composition

Parent Company: Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd.
(Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section)

Sales subsidiaries

AlphaTheta EMEA Limited
Artemis Building, Odyssey Business Park, West End Road, South Ruislip, HA4 6QE, UK

AlphaTheta Music Americas, Inc.
2050 W 190th Street, Suite #109, Torrance, CA 90504, USA

AlphaTheta (Shanghai) CO., Ltd.
Unit 01, 6th Floor, Golden Hongqiao International Center, No.523, Lou Shan Guan Road,
Changning District, Shanghai, China


1994 June Entered the DJ equipment business as one of Pioneer Corporation’s businesses
2013 Aug. Announced entry into professional audio equipment business
2014 Oct. Started offering KUVO, a club culture entertainment service, as one of the related services businesses
2015 Mar. Independent from Pioneer Corporation as “Pioneer DJ Corporation” through a stock split
Head Office established in the former Kawasaki Head Office of Pioneer Corporation
Nov. Head office moved to the current location of Yokohama City.
2016 Aug. Announced entry into the music production business
2019 Oct. Opened Pioneer DJ Yokohama Lab, a DJ school in Yokohama City, as one of the related services businesses
2020 Jan. Company name changed from Pioneer DJ Corporation to AlphaTheta Corporation