OMNIS-DUO now officially supports Serato DJ Lite

The OMNIS-DUO portable all-in-one DJ system is now officially compatible with Serato DJ Lite.

The OMNIS-DUO is the perfect setup for throwing DJ parties with your friends anytime, anywhere. With this update, you can enjoy DJing with Serato DJ Lite on the all-in-one system. On the screen of the OMNIS-DUO, you can now browse your Serato DJ Lite music library, scratch tracks, and control Hot Cues, effects, and more.

To use the software, you’ll need to install the latest version of Serato DJ Lite and the firmware update for the OMNIS-DUO as well as the driver software (only required in Windows) on your PC/Mac.

The OMNIS-DUO is also compatible with Serato DJ Pro (paid license/subscription needed).